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Meet our Ambassadors

We are super proud to have these two amazing role models representing our brand of Australian Made, sustainable recycled plastic waste water bottle beach towels. Both Port Macquarie locals - these two champion surfers demonstrate their commitment to the ocean both in and out of the waves.

Combining their love of the ocean with their eco and community values, these guys align perfectly with our brand. Read on to learn about these impressive young humans - Lola Styles and Ollie Hudson.


Lola Styles

I’m 14 years old and I’m from Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast. It's a great place to grow up with amazing beaches to surf at, swim at, and spend time with family and friends!


I started surfing when I was 7 years old. My dad pushed me on to my first wave and I was hooked! Now I compete in the short board category all around NSW in several age divisions.


I love surfing because it makes me feel powerful and free. The ocean has so much power and when I’m surfing, I like to think its power transfers to me! 


My goals this year are state and national team selection in surfing and volleyball. In the future I'd like to surf and play volleyball professionally and become a marine biologist. Hopefully I can travel the world doing all three!


I care about our oceans and sustainability and don’t think people understand just how important the oceans are to our lives. Did you know that tiny little plankton actually create more oxygen for our earth than the trees?


50-80% of the earth's oxygen is created by our oceans and the majority of that is by oceanic plankton! We need to care for our oceans and all its marine life - even the tiniest ones!


I decided to become an Ambassador for Pippa’s business and her sustainable beach towels because Pippa is a great local designer who cares about our community and the planet. I love how her towels use recycled plastic waste that may otherwise end up as pollution in our oceans. The towels are really high quality and will last for years.


It’s so good they are also made here in Australia and their manufacture helps support workers with disabilities. The towels are super soft, dry really fast and are perfect to take travelling when we go to comps and on surfing trips because they’re really light and compact.


The designs are super cool too - the best out there!

Lola Styles

I’m 17 years old and I’m from Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of Australia. 


I love living in Port Macquarie because it’s an amazing place! There is so much to do here - surf, skate, fish and mountain bike, it's a kids heaven. My favourite thing to do in Port is to have long beach days with my friends and family.


I started surfing when I was 2 years old. My dad pushed me on to my first wave at Lighthouse Beach, with my mum and younger brother watching me. I compete in surfing comps up and down the East Coast in the shortboard division. I love going to the surf comps. I have met so many new friends over the years and we love catching up there. Every time I compete I learn something new and come home a better surfer.


I love surfing because it puts me in a happy place. I love the feeling of going across waves. It makes me feel like there is nothing in the world to worry about.


My goals this year are to become regional champion and make finals consistently in surfing comps. In the future I want to be a professional surfer on the WSL Championship Tour or WSL commentator - Strider I would love your job!


I care about our oceans and sustainability, I don’t think people understand just how important the oceans are to our lives. If we just stop caring about them this could lead to the ocean being covered in plastic. It’s time for the younger generation to step up and keep our oceans blue and beautiful.


I am really proud to be an ambassador for Pippa’s products - as well as being made from recycled plastic bottles, the towels reduce landfill, are sand free, so light, and dry you really well. Her designs are really cool and there’s so many to choose from.


Pippa is also a local who loves the beach as much as I do, and she’s committed to helping protect our marine animals. I think it’s great how she donates sales to Take3ForTheSea. I love using her towels because I know they’re helping our environment and our future. 

Surf, Eat, Sleep , Repeat.

photo of ollie hudson port macquarie pippa owen design

Ollie Hudson

Ollie Hudson
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