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Our Story

Our business  is where the love of both design, and our oceans meet.


As a professional graphic designer and die-hard beach baby, I wanted to design a product that was good inside and out - good looking and good for the planet. It had to be made in Australia, and not only benefit the customer, but also give back to nature and the community.


Located on the mid north coast of NSW, our eco towel designs are inspired by our beautiful natural surrounds and contemporary Australian beach lifestyle and culture.


With our passion for protecting our oceans and marine life, we are proud to have our fresh and original designs brought to life on an environmentally sustainable towel made from recycled plastic water bottles and post-consumer waste that is manufactured in Australia.

Our commitment to clean oceans and reducing plastic pollution through recycling has also led us to become an Official Supporter of TAKE3FORTHESEA, with 1% of all towel sales being donated to this awesome organisation - allowing us to further give back to the care and protection of our planet.


We're committed to providing:

Fresh, exclusive design

Care for our oceans & marine life 

Environmentally friendly products

Australian made quality

Excellent customer service

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Waste plastic bottles for recycling

What are Eco Towels?

Featured on the official Australian Made website, our towels are sand free, soft, and ultra absorbent, perfect for drying off at the beach or pool and they don't bring the sand home with you. Great for use after exercise at the gym or as a yoga mat. Compact, light weight and easy to roll up, our eco towels are perfect for all your travel adventures.

Reducing the drain on the worlds resources, eco towels are made with a recycled yarn called RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) – which is made from plastic waste water bottles and fabric off cuts. Each eco towel keeps approximately 20 waste water bottles out of landfills and our oceans, reducing pollution and protecting marine wildlife.


Aside from reducing landfill and transportation costs the production of recycled PET has significant environmental advantages and benefits, reducing CO2 emissions. It takes 20,000 litres of water to produce just 1kg of organic cotton. Recycled PET has a 50% lower carbon footprint than organic cotton.

It has also been found that RPET significantly sheds less micro particles than non recycled yarn, when washed (MISTRA).


How are they made?

Bottles are selected, sorted and sent to PET recycling facilities. Here, they are cleaned (with labels and caps removed), then shredded into flakes. The flakes are then recleaned and quality controlled, removing all impurities.


Through a polymerisation process, the flakes are turned into PET pellets which are then passed through a spinneret, melted, and cooled into fibres. The fibres are then smoothed, stretched and compressed at a very high temperature to trap and bond their micro particles together. The resulting yarn is then placed onto reels ready to be woven into towels.

The towels are produced and our fresh and unique designs are printed on to them with environmentally friendly water based inks. Towel measurements are a great coverage at: 80 cm x 146 cm and are lightweight at only 0.55 kg.


Plastic bottle pollution in ocean
Best Australian Beach Towels

Our towels tick ALL the goodness boxes:

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Fresh, exclusive designs

Sustainable recycled product

Australian made quality

Supporting Take3ForTheSea

Sand free



Lightweight & compact


Free Local Delivery


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